Vlorë Stunning Sunsets

ACCOMODATION: Mini Hotel & Maxi Room

Once at Vlorë station, I got a taxi to the hotel. You shouldn’t pay more than 600 LEK just pay extra attention to the price because sometimes it can be a little bit confusing, especially if you’re not used to the exchange rate.

The hotel I stayed was: Mini Hotel & Maxi Room, have a look!

Vlorë was one of my favourite cities in Albania, it is just so pretty…the long path next to seaside surrounded by palm trees is very enjoyable, especially in the night, I wasn’t expecting it like that. Very very pretty. 

I HIGHLY recommend the hotel I was at for few reasons:

    • Hotel is right in front of a nice and quiet strip of sandy beach, ask to get the room with the sea view.
    • Second, you have a restaurant right downstairs with a discount on food.
    • Third, the sunsets in Vlorë! IT IS SO colourful and beautiful. I loved staying at this place especially for STUNNING sunsets!
      Grab your room before summer! These rooms get booked up fast!
      I spent 2 nights here. For the second day I recommend to go for a boat tour around the Albanian Islands, they offer nice services, find them at the port.


Ticket Bus Vlorë – Tirana5 Euro, pay the driver when you get on the bus.

Duration: 3 hours.