I was born in the far hot southern island of Italy, in Sicily where life is very relaxed, people are generous and tradition is a very big part of our culture. We love nice food, spend time with friends, family, enjoying the warm weather and beautiful places this island has to offer.
I am specialised in coaching and sport environment. I moved in London, where I currently live, at the age of 23 yo, where I was able to change my life around and have a different world perspective. Being a Londoner changed me completely, here was when I started to travel, and here is when I realised my real passion for travelling. I have been exploring many places in the world such as Peru, Costa Rica, Bali and many many other places all around Europe.
I am a positive person, I like have a resourceful mindset and be optimistic towards the future.
I then realised that there was NOT chance for me to pursue my passion for travelling if I was stuck on a 9 to 5 every day job, and just be able to travelling for 2/3 weeks at time and sometimes not even, per year!
This was when I started looking around on the internet for solution..solution for changing..solution for new jobs..solution for having a more stable position in terms of money but especially have more freedom at the same time in order for me to follow and pursue my passion.
Some people may think…this is impossible! or they are skeptical about.. or negative.. and that was exactly what I was thinking at that time too! But I also thought that in this life nothing is impossible! and that everything in life also worth the try!
If you don’t try something, if you don’t commit, you don’t know, right?
Until one day I came across an AD on YouTube of an english guy called Dan Holloway who was talking about how having an online business in today’s Digital World can be life changing and can literally give you freedom if you are willing to do the work!
…and here I was when my journey started! That was exactly what I was looking for, a place where I would have the opportunity to work on my own without being stuck on a job.
I joined the community and I started to work day & night towards building my now online brand: “Travel As You Want” under the domain of my own name: https://www.teodoroministeri.com
I wanted to inspire people through travelling, suggesting beautiful destination I was travelling to, hotels, places, what to do, what not to do, products. I was finally able to build my own BUSINESS around my PASSION.
It was a real life changing for me.
There is a lot of work to do, of course! A lot to do and a lot to LEARN, it was not an easy journey!
It is NOT a day-night or “become rich-quick scheme kind of thing” not at all, is a program, an education, an INVESTMENT for YOURSELF and for the FUTURE, you have to learn and put the material and the community to the HEART, if you really want to have freedom for travelling or if you really want to make a big change in your life or also if you  want to build a business around your own PASSION.
You gotta be MOTIVATED though.
You gotta put the HARD WORK out there.
You gotta be ACTIVE and POSITIVE.
You gotta be in the right MINDSET.
In the video below I talk about 5 reasons why would invest into an Online Business, check it out:
I always tried to pushed my self out of my comfort zone during this journey, I was ready to improve in any circumstances, no matter what! I was willing to put the effort and time. I wanted to achieve my goal which was to have freedom for travel. This was my MISSION.
What is your MISSION?
During this journey I was able to learn new skills, study marketing and business materials that I have never study before, but that I was excited about. I was able to connect with new different people with my same goals and values, I was able to connect with the community who was there to help me every single time I needed it, and I was always in webinars video call talking with members of the community who was there putting the hard work in building their online brand. This was real CHANGE for me. I raised my LIFE standard.
…and if you want to raise your life standard too, I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to do the same and take the first step towards this journey RIGHT NOW, just “Sign Up” to our Facebook Page button to receive more information or:
I will see you on the other side.
Travel As You Want