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With the explosion of social media and the growth of a new way of advertising via “influencers,” we are surrounded by advertisements every minute of the day. It’s part of the consumer’s experience online and it’s hard to resist these targeted messages. So how can we tell, as consumers, what brands to trust?


Who are promoters?

The first steps to understanding these branding & marketing strategies are to understand who are promoters and how they impact consumers experience online. Promoters or influencers are individuals who use the products or services presented by the company. An important distinction to make is to find out if the promoter was hired by the company, or is simply providing their honest opinion of the product or service. If the promoter was hired by the company, there is a chance that the influencer is not truly impressed with the product and is simply sharing as part of their contract to do so. These types of promoters want to share the company and gain as many new customers for the company as possible. The promoter who was not hired by the company comes to promote the product or service in a much more organic way – by using the service and providing an honest review. For this company advertising to be the most effective, the company is usually focused on creating the best on the market and will hope to gain new customers by word of mouth.

What tactics do they use?

There are many tactics that promoters use to gain new customers for their contracted partners. Influencers use emotional triggers to sell to their audiences. What tactics do they use? There are several – including reciprocity, takeover, and unboxing posts. Have you ever bought something because an influencer posted a promotional code for you to get a discount? This is reciprocity – and it makes you feel like you are truly a part of the promoter’s inner circle. Takeover posts will introduce you to new brands and provide a way for the company to reach a new audience. This gives you a sense of accessibility. That promoter opened your eyes to a new brand you may have never known about! Unboxing is another method to help with branding & marketing. Seeing your favourite influencer opening a box of a new product gives you a front-row seat to that experience – and makes you want to actually experience it. This anticipation is key to inviting new customers to try products and services.

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